The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security

18 Jun

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The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security
is a monthly journal that publishes articles which contribute new
theoretical results in all areas of Computer Science, Communication
Network, and Information Security. Papers are solicited from, but
not limited to the following topics:

Computer Science:
———— ——— ——
– Theory of Parallel Processings and Distributed Computings
– Foundations of High-performance Computings
– Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Analysis of Algorithms
– Artifial Intelligences( A.I.) & Pattern/Image Recognitions
– Neural Networks and Biomedical Simulations
– Virtual Visions, 3-D Object Retrievals, & Virtual Simulations
– Data Minings, Web Image Minings, & Applications
– Data Base(D.B.) Management & Information Retrievals
– All topics related Image/Signal Processings

Communication Network:
———— ——— ——— ——
-Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computings
-Quantum Computing, Coding, and Error Controls
-Agent Computings & Multi-Agents Systems
-Defining Spectrum Rights and Open Spectrum Solutions
-Quality of Services and Communication Protocols
-Satelite and Optical Communication Systems
-3G/4G Network Evolutions
-CDMA/GSM Communication Protocols
-Mobile Computing for e-Commerces
-Any topics related Computer Networks

Information Security:
———— ——— ———
– Cryptography and Foundation of Computer Security
– Authentication/ Authorization Issues
– Any topics related PKI(Public Key Intrastructures)
– IDS/Firewall, Anti-Spam mail, Anti-virus issues
– Wireless Access Security
– Network Security Applications
– Biometric authentication and algorithms
– Fingerprint /Hand/Biometrics Recognitions and Technologies
– IC-card Security, OTP, and Key Management Issues
– E-comerce, Ubiquitous, RFID, Applications
– Any topics related ISO SC-27 and SC-17 standards


Dae-Sang Office 301, Sangdo 5 dong 509-1,
Dongjack Gu, Seoul 156-743, Korea
(Fax) +822-822-2071
E-mail : editor@ijcsns. org
Homepage : http://www.ijcsns. org


12 Responses to “The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security”

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