Naskah lengkap dari : Kitab Nagara Kertagama or Desyawarnana

4 May


The panegyrical poem called Nagara Kertagama written in honor of King
Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit relates the king’s journey through the
realm in an attempt to know the country and his subjects at close
range and to understand their problems firsthand. The Nagara Kertagama
gives testimony to the reign of a king in fourteenth century Indonesia
in which the modern ideas of social justice, freedom of religion, and
personal safety and welfare of the people were held in high regard. It
also testifies to the democratic attitude and openness of authority
before the people in an era that still adhered to the absolute rights
of kingship.


-Nagara Kertagama gives a description of King Hayam Wuruk’s journey
through the realm of Majapahit, as its original name Desyawarnana
testifies. The royal progress which took place in 1359, 1360, 1361
(twice) is described in detail, illuminating various aspects of the
people’s life: social structure, main religions and organization of
their institutions, economy of the people, local and international
trade, material culture, art, language and literature, games and
pastimes of the people, government and political structure of the
kingdom, and status of the king and his extended family. Also recorded
were the discussions with the rural community about their rights,
giving an idea of how the democratic process was run in an Indonesian
kingdom of the fourteenth century. The organization and administration
of different religious institutions demonstrated the freedom of
religion and the equal rights of its adherents.

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