Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC)

16 Jun

URL http://www.amrc.

AMRC, Hong Kong, PRC

“As international companies increased their investment in Asia, it
became clear that the poor working conditions they brought required
an informed response from labour and its supporters. Asia Monitor
Resource Centre (AMRC) was part of that response and was founded in
Hong Kong in 1976. AMRC has developed over the years, but is still an
independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) which focuses on
Asian labour concerns. The Centre supports a democratic and
independent labour movement promoting the principles of labour
rights, gender consciousness, and active workersÕ participation in
work-related issues.”

Site contents:
* Who We Are; * What We Do; * Publications & Downloads (Asian Labour
Update (ALU) quarterly, Publications for Purchase, Publication for
Download); * Asian Labour Networks (The Asian Network for the Rights
of Occupational Accident Victims (ANROAV). The Asian Trans-national
Corporation Monitoring Network (ATNC)); * Links (Regional
Organisations, Local/National Unions/Organisation s, International
Trade Union Federations and Trade Secretariats, Recommended Sites); *
Contact Us; * Internships; * Sitemap.

Internet Archive http://web.archive. org/web/* /http://www. hk/

source: The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: Jun 2008, Vol. 15, No. 6 (280)


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