Rilis Senayan3 stable3 dan Portable Senayan 3.2 (software automasi perpustakaan)

24 Apr

Dear All, telah dirilis versi terbaru software Open Source untuk automasi perpustakaan, Senayan3-stable3 dan versi Portable-nya 3.2 (untuk Windows). Software dan dokumentasi bisa di download di http://senayan. diknas.go. id. Sebagian besar perbaikan didasarkan pada bugs report yang masuk.

Perbaikannya antara lain:
– Better support for Secure connection (configurable SSL activation)
– Fixed bug in changing user profile for administrator
– Fixed bug in overdue warnings at admin home page for not showing the right counts
– Fixed bug on sessions timeout handling
– Fixed bug on upload error because of filename contain single or double quote characters
– Fixed bug on checking ID field for showing FORBIDDEN ACCESS when others computer trying set ID Field in form
– Fixed bug on print counters for Label Prints and Item Barcodes Print
– Fixed bug in deleting collection type
– Fixed bug in string handling
– Added new in Circulation transaction, Fines values automatically displayed in Loan List, without having to return
or extend loan first
– Added new Subject, Series Title in OPAC’s Record Detail
– Added new in OPAC’s Record Detail, Each Author Name and Subject Term are hyperlinked to related document
– Added new master file document language
– Added new expired member list in membership module
– Added new improvement in security handling
– Added new authority level for Author and Topic/Subject
– Added new improvement on bibliographic import and export tools
– Added new improvement on stock take modules
– SQL script for upgrading the database structure from stable2 to stable3
Selamat mencoba dan semoga bermanfaat buat semua. Terima kasih

Hendro Wicaksono
Senayan Lead Developer


One Response to “Rilis Senayan3 stable3 dan Portable Senayan 3.2 (software automasi perpustakaan)”

  1. janu saptari August 19, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    Kepada Yth. Mas Hendro Wicaksono,

    Mau nanya nich,
    Fasilitas Export/import yang ada dari Senayan Lib itu hanya menyangkut data bilbliografi/record, betul ya???

    Nah, yang saya tanyakan bagaimana kalau mau export/import sekaligus data item (barcode) ???

    Terimakasih sebelumnya

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