17 Apr

Satu lagi CMS buat blog. Namanya Diferior. Saya sendiri sih blm sempat nyobainnya. Sori g sempet nerjemahinnya.

Released back in 2007, after spending over two long months brewing up, Diferior now returns – harder, better, faster, stronger, as they say.

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, by definition Diferior (different + superior, get it?) is a multi-purpose content management system, meaning that it provides all the necessary tools to easily publish and organize your content. What is so special about it, you ask? Well, this is not your ordinary blog CMS. In fact, it is capable of distributing files via BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP protocols, has inbuilt forums, a sophisticated user system and many many more features that each can be tweaked, customized or disabled altogether.
You can run torrent trackers, blogs, forums and other community-based sites with it.

situsnya : Diferior


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