Useful Metalink Notes

18 Jan

No self-respecting Oracle DBA or Developer could live without the most content-rich Oracle resource ever, Oracle Metalink.
This is a list of Metalink notes which I personally find / have found extremely useful.

Note, you will need an Oracle Metalink account to access these documents

Database / OS / Application performance tuning

Note Description
62172.1 Understanding and Tuning Buffer Cache and DBWR.
62143.1 Understanding and Tuning the Shared Pool.
208256.1 How to Remove a Single ORACLE_HOME and Its Traces on Microsoft Windows Platforms.
32895.1 SQL Parsing Flow Diagram
157250.1 Freelist Management with Oracle 8i
1029850.6 Freelists and Freelist Groups
22908.1 What are Latches and What Causes Latch Contention?
245645.1 Using 10g Temporary Tablespace Groups
146560.1 FAQ for Database Performance
236770.1 Tuning Windows NT to Optimize Oracle9i
147468.1 Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide
104377.1 Investigation the performance of New PL/SQL Features using DBMS_PROFILER
108377.1 How Do You Read the Output from the Dump Function?
1031826.6 Histograms: An Overview
62294.1 The DBMS_SUPPORT Package
62005.1 Creating, Optimizing, and Understanding Rollback Segments
40689.1 ORA-01555 “Snapshot too old” – Detailed Explanation
32951.1 Interpreting TKPROF output
131272.1 How using synonyms may affect database performance and scalability
223299.1 Top Oracle 9i init.ora Parameters Affecting Performance
100709.1 Top Oracle8/8i init.ora Parameters Affecting Performance
228913.1 Systemwide Tuning using STATSPACK Reports
69882.1 Windows NT: Killing an Oracle thread using OraKill
76438.1 Monitoring Oracle Threads using Qslice
104981.1 NT: Threads and Background Process
164768.1 Diagnosing High CPU Utilization under Windows and Unix
224176.1 How to use UNIX OS commands to diagnose Database Performance issues
223117.1 Tuning I/O-related Wait Events (Buffer Cache / Redo / Controlfile / Datafile etc.)
102926.1 Performance Tuning Advanced Queuing in 8i and 9i
102906.1 Performance Tuning Advanced Queuing in 8.0

XML, Web Services etc.

Note Description
303875.1 Extract Function Causes Xml Data To Be Stored With Pretty Printing On By Default
301262.1 Sample Script Generating (Pretty Printed = Indented) XML From Relational Tables Using SQL/XML
253082.1 ExistsNode Query Returns No Rows When XML Doc Uses Multiple Namespaces
137044.1 Example Of Storing/Accessing Uri-refs In/From The Database
221854.1 How To Call A WebService From a PL/SQL function
280749.1 How to Provide Proxy Information when Indexing a Uritype Column
137022.1 New Database XML Features Introduced In 9i


Note Description
119451.1 Storing Boolean values, and bitwise operators in PL/SQL
206272.1 New Method of Using UTL_FILE in Oracle9i 9.2
74123.1 Bulk Binding – What it is, Advantages, and How to use it
119152.1 Introducing PL/SQL Server Pages
146398.1 Inheritance, Substitutability and Polymorphism in Oracle9i
62592.1 Dynamic SQL
1008453.6 Using DBMS_SQL Package to Execute DDL Statements and Dynamic SQL from PL/SQL
1005663.6 Debugging PL/SQL Programs Using DBMS_OUTPUT
61730.1 Using the DBMS_JOB Package

Oracle Developer Tools

Note Description
66887.1 Basing a Block on a Stored Procedure – Sample Code
104771.1 How to Implement a Dynamic From Clause Query with Forms Variables
105289.1 Basing a Block on a Table Containing a Nested Table or Varray
220629.1 Hosting Both SSO and Non-SSO Applications With Forms 9i
199072.1 How to Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) Using Forms 9i?
237301.1 Logging and Tracing in Reports 9.0.2
62664.1 Forms Server (6i) Logging and Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD) Explained
118632.1 Webforms Static HTML File Parameter Overview
219471.1 Forms Servlet (9i) Logging Explained
Forms 6i Diagnostics How to log / diagnose Forms 6i problems
9iAS Forms Services Tracing and Diagnostics
189867.1 Troubleshooting FRM-92050, FRM-92100, FRM-92101, FRM-92102 in Oracle Forms 6i and 9i

Oracle Application Server

Note Description
118360.1 How To Configure MS Internet Explorer To Use Jinitiator with Discoverer Plus
184826.1 Configuring mod_oc4j for Accessing an Application Deployed in OC4J
200475.1 9iAS Release 2 (9.0.2) Start/Stop Instructions on Unix/Linux

Misc features

Note Description
39836.1 Clustering Factor
68790.1 RDBMS Support for the Euro Currency Symbol
119441.1 How to get the Time within an one-hundredth of a Second Accuracy
69028.1 How does Oracle store the DATE datatype internally?
1031902.6 How Does Oracle Store Internal Numeric Data?
1068369.6 Example: Using DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT to Execute Jobs at Regular Intervals
70067.1 All about Bitmap Indexes
1070627.6 What Are Reverse Key Indexes?
109725.1 Different Data from DBA_JOBS and DBA_JOBS_RUNNING


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