The Limited Functionality of Microsoft’s Windows RSS Platform

15 Jan

IE 7 reaches 300 million users200 million people will be using Windows Vista by January 2009. Microsoft’s Windows RSS Platform is included in every Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista installed.  So what is the Windows RSS Platform?

The WindowsRSS Platform is an API of objects for managing and reading feeds. Windows XP and Vista users can identify it by the glowing orange button in their toolbar.  Click the button and they will instantly view the feeds from the web page they are on.  For the user it couldn’t be easier.  For a webmaster or programmer, wanting to add feed syndication to their site or use email to deliver it, the story is different.

Windows RSS Platform is limited in that it can only read feeds.  It cannot create, parse or write feeds.  For everything else you need Web20tools’ RSS Library for .NET.

With RSS Library for .NET you can enhance Microsoft’s Windows RSS Platform to do more than read feeds.  Visit and you will find sample code that calls a Web20tools library to perform a feed discovery, split a feed in two, create a feed, handle errors, password-protect a feed and more.

Join the growing community of web masters and programmers who use libraries from to enhance the limited capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows RSS Platform.  Libraries are available for RSS, ATOM and OPML. All come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  To date, no one has returned their copy of a library.


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