Guide to Effective Remediation of Network Vulnerabilities

15 Jan

Consistent, ongoing execution of vulnerability management and policy compliance is difficult, if not impossible to do on a manual basis. There are simply too many “moving parts” to juggle and act on in a timely and cost-effective manner.

This guide provides a step-by-step guide for automating the vulnerability and compliance workflow process.

The 8 step vulnerability and compliance workflow process includes:

  1. Create security policies and controls
  2. Track inventory and categorize assets
  3. Scan systems for vulnerabilities
  4. Compare vulnerabilities against inventory
  5. Classify and rank risks
  6. Pre-test patches, fixes and workarounds
  7. Apply patches, fixes and workarounds
  8. Re-scan to confirm fixes and verify compliance

Details on each of these steps are available by downloading a complementary copy of Guide to Effective Remediation of Network Vulnerabilities and Policy Compliance


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