Different Types of Publishers

13 Dec

Commercial Publisher: Also known as a mainstream publisher or traditional publisher. Handles every aspect of printing your manuscript. These publishers are highly selective, and there are no costs to the author, other than the agent contract. Authors do need to be represented by an agent and do maintain the ownership of their work. Vanity Publisher: Prints books at the author’s expense. The author is responsible for paying the publisher’s profit and overhead costs. These publishers print anything for anyone who can pay their fees. They may offer marketing help, warehousing, editing, or promotion of some sort.

Subsidy Publisher: Shares the cost of printing and binding a book with the author. Subsidy publishers are often selective, and the completed books belong to the publisher, NOT the author. The books remain in the publisher’s possession until they are sold. Authors can collect royalties.

Self-Publishing: The author pays ALL costs of printing and is responsible for marketing, distribution, promotion, etc. The author selects the service he/she requires and can control costs in this way. The books are the property of the author, and the writer keeps all monies from sales of his/her books.
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