Generate Complete .NET Web Apps in Minutes

24 May

Iron Speed Designer generates .NET Web applications in minutes, straight from your database. Quickly create visually stunning, feature-rich applications that are easy-to-customize and ready-to-deploy.

# Simply point to an existing database and let the Iron Speed Designer wizards build a sophisticated, database-driven application that’s ready to deploy. In just minutes, Iron Speed Designer generates your application’s Web pages, user interface code and data access logic. Say “good bye” to hand-coding ASPX pages and SQL statements. Data management applications
# Reporting & tracking applications
# Administrative applications
# Departmental applications
# Data collection portals
# Prototyping and proof-of-concept

Iron Speed Designer eliminates routine infrastructure programming, freeing you to focus on your business logic. You can customize every aspect of your application, from its visual style to the underlying code. Applications have a straightforward class hierarchy that makes it easy to extend and preserve your code modifications. You enjoy unrestricted access to 100% of the code, and there are no run-time license fees or special server software requirements for applications built with Iron Speed Designer.

Download it in :


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